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Australians in the wider community are in ever-increasing numbers seeking counselling as a way to find a solution to their pressing problems.

There are a growing number of Christians that want to be equipped to counsel professionally. Many perceive a calling to professional practice in the market place as a missional engagement with people outside the church. Other Christians see themselves participating with their local church in providing a professional counseling service to people within and outside the church. To whichever group you belong, at Eastern we are committed to partnering with the different expressions of the church and helping to prepare our students to be the best they can be as they take the journey along a path from natural helping to professional counselling. Eastern offers bachelor degree and diploma courses with a clinical focus in an exciting context of Christian studies and community running side by side with professional training and development. The graduate diploma prepares students for professional counseling careers which emphasizes the development of professional and practical counseling skills in a supervised environment.

Explore your vocation with a course that will empower you to:

  • Minister to hurting people
  • Learn professional counselling skills
  • Provide pastoral care in your church
  • Gain employment in social service or community based organisations
  • Set up your own counselling practice
  • Make a significant contribution to helping solve some of your community's social problems

Study Options


Students seeking registration as a Counsellor will need to complete the following:


Graduate students studying the Graduate Diploma in Arts seeking registration as a Counsellor will need to have completed undergraduate studies in a relevant field such as human services or psychology and complete the following units over a minimum of 2 years:

  • TH804.406 Faith, Reason and Justice
  • CN810.406 Introduction to Counselling
  • CN819.406 Counselling Theories and Interventions
  • CN831.406 Ethical and Professional Practice for Counselling
  • PR824.406 Counselling Field Education 1
  • PR825.406 Counselling Field Education 2
  • PS811.406 Introduction to Psychology

Plus one of the following:

  • CN841.406 Couples Counselling
  • CN842.406 Family Counselling
  • PS823.406 Abnormal Psychology
  • PS826.406 Human Lifespan Development
  • PS851.406 Community Psychology
  • PS880.406 Research, Design and Statistics

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