Who We Are | Eastern College Australia

Who We Are


EASTERN COLLEGE AUSTRALIA provides teaching, training and research from a Christian worldview that contributes to the church and the flourishing of humanity through the lives of its graduates.


Eastern College Australia will be recognised for university-quality education from a Christian worldview.


Eastern College Australia is committed to the following values:


Eastern is committed to Christ-centred, biblically-based, character-forming and gift-affirming faith expressed in vocational living, supportive community, service to others and connection to the church.


Eastern is committed to the pursuit of knowledge and truth that integrates theory and practice and values academic excellence, the importance of the mind and life-long learning.


Eastern is committed to act justly in all human relationships, to exercise responsible care and stewardship of God’s creation, and to seek the just transformation of our world.


At the end of their course Graduates will be equipped to:

  1. Know, experience, and understand the importance of biblically-informed faith and worldview in human identity and the formation of character.
  2. Have the confidence to engage intellectually and respectfully with alternate worldviews, and the values and perspectives of others
  3. Have attained excellence in evidence-based, contemporary knowledge and professional competencies in their chosen field of study for vocational calling.  
  4. Exhibit intellectual curiosity, passion, and agility, valuing life-long learning and thought leadership. 
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking, reflection, analysis, and communication skills.
  6. Exhibit Christ-like humility as innovative and creative individuals equipped to be a transformative influence in an interdependent world.
  7. Contribute to society as responsible global citizens with a commitment to social justice, environmental stewardship, and Christ-like compassion. 


From February 2021, Eastern College Australia transferred its incorporation to be registered as a company limited by guarantee within the meaning of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).  To reflect this change, the legal entity name was changed from Eastern College Australia Incorporated to Eastern College Australia Limited.  The Constitution of the College was amended accordingly.  All relevant regulatory entities have been advised of this change which does not affect the registration status of the College or its courses.