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Youth Work

Youth Studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study at Eastern. It is receiving growing interest from the wider community: from young people as they seek to navigate this challenging time; from those who wish to grow in their understanding and skill, from youth workers, youth ministers and chaplains.

Youth Studies at Eastern focuses on growing an in-depth understanding of the nature of youth and the multi-layered relationship between young people and the social context in which they live. This field of study draws on knowledge, insights and methods from the social sciences and humanities, community development, social welfare as well as theology and spirituality.

Youth Studies at Eastern seeks to positively engage the complexity and challenge of the youth experience by being both a support to young people as they seek to navigate this difficult terrain, and by equipping those who journey alongside them.

Eastern takes seriously the fact that young people and their whole-self formation matters. The specialist service of empowering youth requires specialist training. Through this field of study students will develop competence and confidence in working with young people around issues such as: sexual health, relationships, at-risk, anti-social and pro-social behaviours, as well as spirituality and faith.

Study Options

Course Level Course
VET Certificate IV in Youth Work
Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts
Graduate Graduate Diploma in Arts

Undergraduate Youth Studies

There is a great deal of flexibility available when undertaking Youth Studies at Eastern. A Youth Studies sequence can be incorporated into a Bachelor of Arts. Youth Studies can also be taken as Bachelor studies in Theology, Ministry, Mission or Biblical studies.

Bachelor of Arts

Students can study a major or minor sequence in Youth Studies under a more flexible Bachelor of Arts (General Studies). This optional allows students to combine Youth Studies with other areas of interest, such as major or minor sequences in Psychology, Art or Counselling. Students can also use this option to import a major or minor sequence from another Higher Education Institution, or from other Eastern awards, such as the Bachelor in Theology, Ministry, Mission or Biblical Studies.

Postgraduate Youth Studies

The Graduate Diploma is designed to offer a concentrated depth of study in the areas of youth at an intentional and highly integrated level.

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