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Visual Arts

Creative people live on the edge. They often sense cultural shifts and speak into important areas in ways others cannot. Eastern College Australia belives God wants to reclaim the Arts and use them to make a positive impact on our communities.

Eastern College Australia has a passion to see artist using art not only to connect with their communities, but to go further. We know art speaks where voices are not heard and crosses language and cultural barriers. We want to see artists using art as a voice for the coiveless, to speak inot social issues that need our attention, and egage with the marginslised and broken in our communites.

The Visual Art major can be partnered with minors in Youth Work, Counselling or Community Development

The combination of Visual Arts and Community Development studies at Easetrn College Australia offers a Christian perspective fo the place of art within the community. You might choose to study a major in Community Development and a minor in visual arts or a major in Visual Arts and a minor in Community Devlepment. Or you could add any of the other minors offered at the college to your major in Community Development. All units are taught from a Christian worldview.

Study Options

Course Level Course
Undergraduate Diploma in Arts – specialising in Visual Arts
Associate in Arts – specialising in Visual Arts
Bachelor of Arts - a major in Visual Arts
Graduate Graduate Diploma in Arts – specialising in Visual Arts