Whatever your calling and wherever it is to be exercised, the ability to think and speak clearly about God is crucial. Eastern's Theology and Christian Studies courses provide in-depth understanding for handling Scripture and deepening spiritual life. All our courses introduce you to studies of Scripture and Christian truth, an overview of history and ethics, and much more.

The Bachelor level courses include biblical languages, and provide a solid foundation for further academic studies in biblical and theological areas. Many perspectives on major issues are presented and discussed, with students free to draw their own conclusions and defend their own perspectives.

The Graduate Diploma of Arts provides a grounding for graduates of other disciplines. The Graduate Diploma exposes the student to thinking theologically, analysing Scripture carefully and thinking about ideas in the light of their history and social context.

Explore your vocation with a course that will empower you for a future in:

  • Live a more creative and productive Christian life
  • Think through the basics and develop skills in various ministries
  • Share faith and talk about issues of belief with others
  • Move in living for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Lead various groups and conduct some teaching in church contexts

Study Options

Course Level Course
VET These courses are offered to give functional training for the basics in ministry in a variety of specific settings, including specialisations in youth ministry, chaplaincy, and a range of community and church ministries.
Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology
Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
Undergraduate Undergraduate courses are geared towards those training for vocational positions in church, community and Para-church contexts. This is a fully integrated program, which aims at establishing the missional, theological and practical skills needed in an ever-changing world. Bachelor students learn the full theory and practice of ministry.
Diploma in Theology
Associate Degree in Theology
Bachelor of Theology
Graduate These courses are designed to advance on existing studies and offers a concentrated depth of study at an intentionally and highly integrated level. The Graduate Diploma may constitute the first year towards a two-year Master of Arts Degree.
Graduate Certificate in Arts
Graduate Diploma in Arts
Master of Practical Theology

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