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Cultural shifts in the 21st century are bringing new challenges to the church and its mission. God is moving to revitalise the church and to create new kinds of ministry and mission to sub-cultures and global culture. Eastern's ministry training integrates: spiritual formation, intercultural approaches, leadership, practical fieldwork, pastoral care and church life; and growth to serve the needs of the church. Learn from active practitioners with a solid theological and ministry base and join in this journey of exploration and renewal.

Connect with the source of life through training that:

  • Engages with the present cultural needs and changes in church and society
  • Develops transparency and authenticity in future leaders
  • Explores the contextual life of the church
  • Emphasises spiritual formation
  • Generates maturity, character and life-balance for future ministry
  • Integrates cross-cultural, global and local mission and ministry concerns
  • Discovers church revitalization, transformation and growth.

Study Options

Course Level Course
VET These courses are offered to give functional training for a variety of specific settings. These include specialisations in youth ministry, chaplaincy, and a range of community and church ministries. Certificate students learn the basics of ministry
Certificate IV in Christian Ministry and Theology
Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
Undergraduate Undergraduate courses are geared towards those training for vocational positions in church, community and Para-church contexts. This is a fully integrated program, which aims at establishing the missional, theological and practical skills needed in an ever-changing world. Bachelor students learn the full theory and practice of ministry.
See Melbourne School of Theology
Graduate These courses are designed to advance on existing studies and offers a concentrated depth of study at an intentionally and highly integrated level. The Graduate Certificate may be used as entry into the Master of Practical Theology Degree.
Graduate Certificate in Arts
Graduate Diploma in Arts
Master of Practical Theology

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