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Student Life

At Eastern College Australia, we are proud of our diverse spiritual heritage that emphasises, among other things, a deeply spiritual and personal encounter with God. This encounter begins early in our Christian awareness, and continues in a daily moment by moment experience of God's presence, giving us sensitivity to the Spirit's leading and power to accomplish our work in transforming our world for God's glory. In a typical day at Eastern, students and faculty encounter God through worship and Word in the Gathering, as well as through prayer at the start of many classes. Our foundational Living in Christ unit is designed to guide students in deepening their walk with Christ individually as well as in fellowship with other believers. You see, theology is "thinking God's thoughts", and to do so, we have to walk and journey with him, and to talk and fellowship with him, and that is more than just taking it all in during class times. Spiritual formation and professional formation go hand in hand at Eastern, and we practise growing in knowledge, practical skills, and a deeper walk with God, day by day, moment by moment. Students have access to pastoral care with each other, with their Course Advisor and often with their lecturers. We also have a vibrant Student Representative Council to oversee the on-campus needs of our students and ensure an enriching "total" student life at Eastern.