Accessing Results

The Student Academic Portal is your link into the Eastern College Australia academic database. It allows you to update your personal details and view your semester results.

This student portal is not connected to the Resource Centre or to the Moodle site. You will have a different password for this site than the one you would normally use to access the on-line catalogue or Moodle. In order to log in Eastern will need to have your current email address. If you need to update your email address please call reception on 9790 9200 or email

If you have outstanding tuition fees your access to the site will be blocked. Please settle all outstanding finances and then contact Reception to have your access re-instated.

If you have never logged onto the student portal or you have forgotten your password you will need to register as a new user. A password will be emailed to you. If you have problems registering or are a new user, please make sure you read the documentation on this page before calling Reception with questions.


The Student Academic Portal is available at the following address:

For information on how to access and use the Student Academic Portal, please read this documentation. Please note due to improving proceses your results are stored only in the latest enrolment for your course.

If you have any difficulties accessing the portal, please contact the college only after reading the help documentation available above. You can contact the College via the contact form, phoning 9790 9200 or emailing

Results Key

HD - High Distinction (85%-100%)
DN - Distinction (75%-84%)
CR - Credit (65%-74%)
P - Pass (50%-64%)
I - Incomplete - This is possibly due to late submission or your marker not having marked your work
F - Fail (0%-49%)
F-At - Fail due to insufficient attendance
WN - Withdrawn
WF - Withdrawn Fail