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Using Free Online Material

The Resource Centre has compiled a number of links that may be accessed free of charge.

These are some of the examples of free online material accessed through the Resource Centre Online databases.

1. Christian Spirituality and Science

• To search the journal, select an individual issue from the pull down menu and click the Browse button. All articles are listed with a PDF for viewing.

• To do a text search in this journal, enter a search term in the Enter search term box and click the Search button. You have the option of searching: in this journal; in this repository; across all other repositories. In the example the search terms are: bible and science , in this journal option. 

If you do the same search but click on the option: in this repository, there are many more articles available from other journals.

All articles are available in PDF format and can be downloaded. 


2. Critical and Exegetical Commentaries

A full set of the critical and exegetical commentaries series is available from the Internet Archive. These are preserved books of authors that were born in the 19th Century. Each book may be read online or downloaded, and is available in various file formats.

3. Free theological Journals on the Web

There are pages and pages of lists of links to free journals.

This list is not updated often some links do not exist anymore, but most are current, it is worth a look. Just out of interest you can look up the history of icecream in the History Co-operative link.


4. Project Gutenberg Australia

This site has a collection of thousands of public domain ebooks that may be downloaded free of charge to your computer or compatible device.

Click on AUTHOR or TITLE to find a book you are interested in.

In the example I clicked on Author Clicked on A as I am looking for books by Jane Austin.

I couldn’t find a Search box and as there was a very long list, I held down Ctrl and pressed F to create a find box and typed in Austin.

There are the six of her well known books and three lesser known works - below is The Watsons, an unfinished work, by Jane Austin.

5. Google custom search - Theological Journal Search

This search engine targets Web sites/pages to retrieve full text articles from open access journals related to religious studies, scripture studies, systematic theology, practical theology, and cognate disciplines.

The example is through the Christian Periodical Index - click on

Then click on Christian Educators Journal

Click on any journal cover and find articles or use the Search box and you can download pdf documents of the articles.