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Using Directory of Open Archive Initiative (OAIster)

OAIster is a union catalogue of digital resources, containing digital resources, representing multidisciplinary resources from more than 1,100 contributors worldwide. Records contain a digital object link allowing users access to the object in a single click. These include theses, technical reports, research papers, and image collections. You can search by title, author/creator, subject, language or entire Record. Searches can also be limited by resource type (text, image, audio, video, dataset) and sorted by title, author, date and hit frequency.


As there is a wide variety of information you can find just about anything. In the example the Search and beyond was Keeping Up With The Joneses.  

Under Format click tick Downloadable article (as there are some limits).

Click on View online  N.B. there seems to be now fixed way of viewing items, just follow the links to find the Full text.

In this example of Keeping up with the Joneses it was necessary to scroll down to Files in this item and click on View/Open.