You can print from any of the Library computers. Printing is available in black and white and costs 15 cents per page, double sided is 30 cents per sheet or colour costs 50 cents per side and double sided is $1.00. We only have an A4 paper size option. To use the photocopier/printer you need to put money on your student card, please see a library staff at the desk.

1. Printing from the library computers

Have the document that you want to print on the screen of your computer. Go to the print option (For e.g. a Word document from Office Button, or in an online database drag the mouse down to the bottom right hand side and click on the emerged print icon). In the example below click on the blue print option. The article is from a journal found in EBSCO called War and the Will of God.

When the print menu appears, make sure you choose in the Pages option exactly what you want to print as your account in PaperCut will deduct 15 cents a copy.

When you click on the Print option the PaperCut window will appear. Eastern students use their Moodle login and Stirling students use their student number and a password given via email from Eastern IT. If you need help please ask a librarian on duty.

2. Printing from a USB stick or PDF file.

If you need assistance please ask at the desk.

Open the document: follow the prompts.

Click on the Print (either right click on document or from the menu).

Enter your Student number as the Username and password (Eastern students use their Moodle login) and then click Log in.

If you have insufficient funds see the librarian on duty to add extra funds to your account (15 cents/per side).

Check all the variables i.e black and white - 15 cents per page or colour 50 cents per page; two or one sided; page number ie which pages do you require? - there may be redundant pages but each page is counted and 15 cents will be deducted when it is printed.

If all is correct press Print.