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Loans and Returns


All borrowing is to be processed by the librarian on duty. Your student ID card is required for any borrowing. If you do not have your ID card the librarian may allow the use of other photographic ID.

Renewals or Extensions

No extensions or renewals of any item is allowed. Other academic libraries have a two week borrowing period and allow renewals - we have an extended initial borrowing period. This policy is to allow all patrons to have equal access to library holdings. When an item is returned it must be left on the shelf for 24 hours before the same student can borrow it again. If there are multiple items in the collection with the same title you may borrow one of the extra copies.

Borrowing limits - how many items can I borrow and for how long?

Different borrowing levels apply depending upon the level of study.

As a general rule:

  • Undergraduates (those studying for a degree) can borrow up to eight (8) items for a three week borrowing period.
  • Post graduate students can borrow up to twelve (12) items in a four week borrowing period.
  • For more detailed information on borrowing limits (quantity and time period), please refer to the Resource Centre - Policies.
Returning items 

During library opening hours, returns must be placed in the return box near the library entrance. When the library is closed, please use the after hours return slot which is located at ground level to the library’s rear entrance (from Resident's road). To avoid confusion, please do not place items for return on the sorting trolleys or library counter. This is to prevent patrons from being fined for items that have been “returned” without being checked in through the library management system.


We have a fine policy to help us keep our collection intact and an added incentive to get item(s) returned by the due date and available other students. The amount we charge is $0.50 a day per item. For a list of fees visit Other Fees and Charges.

Lost Books 

Lost books very time consuming for the student and the library staff. First if a book is noted as lost the student is asked to search for it again and we search in the library and it may appear. If the student is deemed to be at fault - the price of overdue fine and replacement of the book is negotiated.