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Although Eastern College Australia prides itself on its ability to provide innovative courses and teach to a high standard, research is key to this. How? Because research has our academics engage the newest ideas, demonstrate novel solutions and engage their professions and the community at-large. As such, the ideas generated in research immediately get applied to the classroom.

For us research is defined as: “A God honouring creative, but logical, process in which an established body of knowledge is engaged with and enlarged. It is therefore implied that research involves a defined question, an assemblage of knowledge, a method of analysis and the delivery of an outcome which can be independently scrutinised.” That research is for us not simply ‘data collection’, but an act of vocation, makes all the difference.

Below you will find a selection of our most recent publications and a set of useful links for both those interested in learning more about the sort of research we do and for those already part of the College who wish to undertake research.


Accredited Research Supervisors

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