Occupational Health and Safety | Eastern College Australia

Occupational Health and Safety

  1. Eastern College Australia is committed to ensuring the highest level of health and safety of staff, students and other persons within its premises. This includes workplace physical safety as well as anti-discrimination, harassment and bullying.

  2. Eastern College Australia will provide a workplace that is, as far as reasonably practicable: safe and healthy for staff, students, and visitors; and, without risk to the environment, in compliance with relevant OH&S legislation, national standards and codes of practice.

  3. Occupational health and safety is both an individual and shared responsibility. The success of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and programs depends on the commitment and co-operation of all members of the College community. Staff, students, visitors and contractors are required to co-operate and actively contribute to the health and safety of themselves and others within the workplace.

  4. The College will promote ongoing education and training programs to encourage all staff to integrate occupational health and safety into their work areas and role.

  5. All persons shall co-operate to ensure knowledge and implementation of occupational health and safety principles. The existence and effective functioning of an occupational health and safety Committee will ensure consensus on occupational health and safety issues.

  6. Eastern College Australia will integrate continuous improvement into its occupational health and safety performance and auditing of occupational health and safety systems compliance will be an ongoing activity.

  7. The College has separate policies which can be found on the College website in the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual covering the issues of: • Access and Equity • Affirmative Action • Equal Opportunity • Sexual Harassment • Racial Vilification • Disability Discrimination

  8. For College employees, the steps to follow when there is an issue and to whom a particular matter should be reported are outlined in the Complaints and Grievance Procedures with respect to Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Racial Vilification and Affirmative Action policy on the College website in the Staff Policies and Procedures Manual.

  9. For students, the issues itemised above are regarded as non-academic matters. Therefore, students who wish to make a complaint or grievance about an issue of discrimination should follow the procedures indicated in the Complaints and Grievances: Non-Academic Policy which is published on the Eastern Webpage.