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Faith formation with a purpose

We’re excited to announce YITS, a faith formation programme especially designed for 17 – 21 year-olds.

YITS is a stand-alone Diploma level qualification for 17-21 year olds that provides faith formation and understanding of the social context in which young people live. Throughout the year-long course students are equipped for employment outcomes needed within the youth sector along with skills required for ongoing university study. 

YITS is suitable for young people who want to serve their community, or who want a stepping-stone to further study, or who aren’t quite sure what area they want to move in and need some support and direction.

The subjects are:

  • LN533.306 Literature, philosophy and civilisation
  • YT540.306 Culture and sociology of youth
  • TH570.306 Living in Christ
  • PR560.306 Internship 1
  • TH507.306 Foundations for faith
  • YT620.306 Vulnerability and the youth experience
  • YT5541.306 Youth work and the youth sector

This year will also provide credit towards the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Theology

To find out more email Aaron Garth or call him on 9790 9200 








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