Graduation 2016

The highlight of the year at Eastern is our Graduation Ceremony which this
year took place on March 4. It was a truly inspiring experience to watch the
class of 2015 who worked hard and, in some cases, overcame many
difficulties, walk across the stage and receive their qualification.

Prior to the ceremony there was a time of celebration where college
principal Dr. Cheryl McCallum addressed the students. There was also an
opportunity to hear from graduating students Julianne Marshall, Kylie Butler,
Danny McDowell and Simone Turner as they spoke briefly about their
student experience and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Another important part of our graduation tradition followed when students
were prayed for and prophesied over by fellow graduands, and the
academics who had taught them during their studies. This is one of the most
significant and powerful elements of the day as we invite God into their
graduating experience.

The Graduation Ceremony keynote speaker, Helen Meyer, spoke on how
study develops knowledge and skills and character growth is the currency of
a genuine Christ follower.



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