From the principal

Changing your name is not something to be entered into lightly. 
Having recently personally undergone a name change I was daunted 
by the myriad of government departments, service providers and 
organisations that needed to be informed (and often furnished 
paperwork) in order to bring about the change.
Name changes in biblical times were far less bureaucratic in nature. 
In many instances other people simply made the decision (for 
example, Hoshea is renamed Joshua by Moses), in four instances 
God/Jesus decreed the change (Abram, Sarai, Jacob and Simon) and 
in a lone instance someone renamed herself (Naomi to Mara). 
Nowhere is there a biblical account of any paperwork accompanying 
the change so we can assume it was a relatively painless transition.
We are thrilled with the very positive response we have received 
from a wide range of people and organisations for the College’s 
recent name change to Eastern College Australia. It was not done 
lightly but we know it was the right time for such a change. The story 
of Eastern College Australia will continue the story of Tabor 
Victoria’s and the legacy and heritage of that name. Eastern offers 
Christian higher education in an expanding number of courses and 
exciting times lie ahead.
As for the paperwork? Let’s just say we do not live in biblical times.


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