Procedure in Relation to Editing

Editing of assessment tasks

Eastern College Australia recognizes that students who have English as a second language have a disadvantage compared with students who have English as their primary language. Eastern College Australia encourages these students to seek editorial assistance in the preparation of their papers, whenever English language assistance is needed.

The College also recognises that students who have a reading or learning disability [such as dyslexia] may also have a disadvantage compared with other students. The College acknowledges that students who experience language difficulties, or who have a reading or learning disability can gain a secondary benefit from accessing editorial assistance, namely, the enhancement of their English written expression skills.

Therefore, the College has developed a procedure by which:-

  • students can benefit from editorial assistance provided in the preparation of their assignments;
  • makes the nature and extent of the editorial assistance clear; and
  • avoids the risk or plagiarism, and the actual presentation of plagiarised information.


Students who wish to access editorial assistance should contact their Course Coordinator or the Academic Administrator to make their need known. Students with a reading or learning disability should preferably present medical or psychological evidence of the condition. Students experiencing language difficulties may be required to demonstrate their language proficiency with respect to listening, understanding, reading and writing in the English language.

Course Coordinators who are approached by students for this assistance, are required to prepare a file note of the circumstances and any decisions agreed, and to submit the file note to the Academic Administrator for inclusion in the student's individual file and notation in the EDUPoint Diary.

The College seeks to ensure that the editing process is clear and unambiguous. Therefore, the College asserts the sole task of the editor is to improve grammar, spelling, and style, and ensure the paper conforms to the presentation guidelines set out in the Eastern College Australia Assignment Style Guide.

Students who receive editorial assistance in the preparation of the final draft of their assignments must submit two supporting documents along with their paper.

(1) a Declaration by the Editor; and
(2) an original draft of their paper given to the editor to edit.

The marker will grade the student's assessment task on the quality of the final edited paper. The marker will also will also examine the original draft and confirm that the research, ideas and argument comprising the content of the edited paper is the student's own original work.