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Other Fees and Charges

These fees are current but may change during the course of your studies.

What is the incidental fee for? The category under which the incidental fee falls How much is the incidental fee?
Late Enrolment Category (d) Penalty for late enrolment $50.00 per unit of study
Graduation Attendance Fee Category (a) Fee for service that is not essential to the course of study $60.00
Late Graduation Application Category (d) Penalty for lodging a late application $100.00
Replacement of Student Card Category (b) Penalty for requesting a replacement student card $10.00 per card
AHEGS Category (d) For a replacement copy $50.00
Testamur Category (d) For a replacement copy $50.00
Transcript for studies completed before 2008 Category (d) For a replacement copy $75.00
Transcript for studies completed after 2007 Category (d) For a replacement copy $50.00
Document / Assessment Retrieval (within the last 5 years) Category (d) For the retrieval and issue of archived assessments and unit guides, if they are available in Moodle $10.00 per document
RPL Assessment Fee Vocational Education only $5 per nominal hours


Tuition fee refunds are processed in accordance with the College's refund policy. Details are published in the Eastern College Australia Handbook and available on the Refund Policy.


Withdrawals notified after the census date are processed under the refund provisions, not the penalty provisions. Please refer to the College's Refund Policy.