Entry Requirements

General Entry Requirements (all courses)

General Academic Entry Requirements

General Non Academic Entry Requirements

Non academic entry requirements:

  • demonstration in an interview with an Academic Staff member of suitability for the course concerned; and

  • a character reference endorsing the application, written on a Confidential Reference Form supplied by the College to the applicant's referee.

Education Disadvantage

The entry requirements make reference to 'education disadvantage'. For the purposes of these entry requirements, education disadvantage means that the acquisition of knowledge or skills by a student has been inhibited by:

  • the social environment from which the students comes; or

  • the extent of financial resources which have been available to the student; or

  • a diagnosed physical or mental impairment; or

  • limited English proficiency where English is not the common language of communication in the home environment (Students in this group must still demonstrate an aptitude to read and write in English at a level necessary to satisfactorily study at undergraduate level); or

  • any other circumstance not listed above, which is claimed by the student to be an inhibiting factor, and is agreed by the College

Fairness and Transparency

The College is committed to procedures which demonstrate fairness and transparency with respect to the selection of all students including those who may benefit from a grant, allocation or payment under subdivision 19-D of the HESA Act 2003. Therefore, all students applying for entry to the College are advised that:

Theologically, Eastern College Australia is Bible-based, evangelical and charismatic. You are not expected to agree with everything, but we do hope you will consider fully what is taught, even if it is different from what you have believed in the past. In assignments, you will sometimes be expected to analyse or discuss a particular view, so that it is clear that you understand it, even if your personal view differs. However, no attempt will be made by the College to impose doctrines on students and every attempt will be made to encourage students to be loyal to their own church or denomination.