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Cross Institutional Study

The Cross Institutional Provider Program enables students, under certain conditions, to undertake units at one institution (the Host Provider) to be credited towards an award which they are completing at another institution (the Home Provider).

For example, Brian may be enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at Eastern College Australia but apply to study two chemistry units at a different Institute of Higher Education for credit in his Eastern Bachelor of Arts. Or, he may be enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts at another Institution and request to complete a minor in Youth Studies at Eastern to be included in this award.

There are two categories of Cross Provider students.

  • Outgoing students are enrolled and graduating from Eastern but are wanting to pick up some units at another institution.
  • Incoming students are those enrolled and graduating from another institution wanting to pick up some units of study at Eastern.

The process for these two categories are slightly different. You will find details outlined on the following two forms.

CONDITIONS for outgoing cross-institutional study 1. The maximum amount of credit that a student is permitted to enrol in Cross Institutional Study is to be no more than one third of the total unit value for the award. Any agreement beyond this will require special permission.

  1. The units elected for Cross Institutional Study will be subject to equivalency requirements (learning outcomes, standard and weighting etc.) and must be first reviewed and endorsed by the ECA Course Coordinator before final approval for the cross-institutional study is granted.

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