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Casual Study - Non Award

What is a Non Award Student?

Unlike an Audit student a Non Award Student completes all the standard requirements of a unit including:-

  • Purchasing prescribed text books;
  • Undertaking the prescribed reading; or
  • Undertaking assignment tasks.

Rather then enrolling in a course of study (such as the Bachelor of Arts) the Non Award student is simply enrolled in a single unit.

Why would you study as a Non Award student?

People who have no intention of completing a full award and simply wish to pick up one or two units as part of their lifelong learning may enrol as Non Award students. On completion of the unit a student will receive a Statement of Results. Official Transcripts are also available on request.

Non Award study is available for a maximum of four units at Bachelor level, for a maximum of two units at Graduate Level. Should students reach this limit and wish to continue formal learning, they will be asked to apply for entry to a course of study. This prevents students from selecting units according to interest and then, in hindsight, applying to transfer credit into an award only to discover that a number of the units they have completed do not count towards the course they have chosen.

Please note that all pre-requisites apply to Non Award students. Also, FEE-HELP is not available for Non Award students.

Contact the college to enquire if the units you wish to study may be available for casual study.