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Casual Study - Audit

What is an Audit Student?

An audit student is one who has paid a nominal fee in order to attend a particular class.

An audit student is not normally required to:

  • Purchase prescribed text books;
  • Undertake the prescribed reading; or
  • Undertake assignment tasks.

An audit student is an observer, learning from but not actively participating in the classroom experience.

Students enrolled in formal courses are required to undertake all prescribed reading for the course and to enter discussion with lecturers and other students at a level appropriate to their level of study. Audit students are generally not able to contribute at the required level, and are therefore asked to simply observe and learn from the classroom interactions without actively participating in them.

An audit student is one who is given the opportunity for self -assessment with respect to personal goals, aspirations and capacity to undertake a formal course of study at Eastern College Australia.

Audit students may be excluded from classroom sessions which require student interaction in discussions of a high order or a confidential/personal nature.

Please note that ordinarily audit students are not given access to College resources, such as borrowing privileges at the Resource Centre, login to the College website or access to Moodle (the online learning management system).

Available Units

The units available for audit study are subject to student being granted permission and usually are units where students will have any required pre-requisite knowledge.