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Casual Study at Eastern

Eastern College Australia offers three forms of Casual study as a service to the Christian community for the purposes of lifelong learning. Casual study is a means of participating in classes without completing a full award (such as a Bachelor of Theology). It is important to note that Eastern College Australia primarily offers courses in Theology, Ministry, Mission Studies, Youth Studies, Counselling and Education. Like building a house, each unit is designed and strategically placed to achieve the overall learning outcomes of the course. Units (bricks) are not designed to stand alone. However, the College recognises the place of casual study and provides Audit and Non Award study as a means of enrolling in single units. Not all units are available in this format.

There are three options:

Audit students pay a reduced fee to simply sit in on lectures. Audit students do not receive a Unit Guide and are not required to complete reading or assessment tasks.

Non Award students pay the tuition fee for the level they wish to study at. They receive a Unit Guide and are expected to complete all the requirements of the unit. They do not graduate from a course of study.

Cross Institutional students are enrolled in one institute of higher education but complete some pre-approved units at another institution.

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