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Future Students

We are excited to invite you to study with us. At Eastern College Australia we are committed to preparing you to be thoughtful and faith-filled and to have a significant impact in the context that God has called and gifted you.

The Bible remains at the very heart of our teaching, yet Eastern College Australia is so much more than a bible college. While we continue to prepare gifted people to serve the church, we are equally passionate about forming intellectually curious and highly skilled teachers, counsellors, community developers, youth workers, artists... to see Christians from diverse walks of life passionately living out their faith.

Together, we intentionally explore how to respond to the culture of today - and tomorrow - through the lens of a vibrant Christian faith.

Eastern College Australia’s unique combination of professions, denominations and perspectives produces graduates with the sharper minds, deeper faith, richer community and courageous creativity needed to change the world.

At Eastern, we have an insatiable curiosity about faith, church and culture; we are compelled to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

Unafraid to explore the edges we invite diversity, challenging each other to think more deeply. This makes us more robust and, quite frankly, more interesting as we continue to explore what it means to be a passionate follower of Jesus.

We take the time to get to know people not just by name, but by calling. It could be an email to check in about an assignment, sharing a meaningful conversation over a cuppa or stopping mid-lecture to pray... It’s the open, honest interactions that create a safe place and lifelong friendships.

Together, we might just change the world.

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