Dr Tom Edwards

Dr Tom Edwards BSc(Hons), MCounselling, PhD, Grad Cert Higher Ed

Tom began his scientific endeavours with a double major in genetics and immunology at Monash University. He then completed an Honours project at the Murdoch Childrens' Research Institute, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, on the embryology of the central nervous system.

Wishing to just focus on how the brain works Tom undertook his PhD in behavioural neuroscience at Monash University in the School of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Tom notes that his ongoing studies of the brain are ever deepening his worship of a most amazing God.

In his spare time Tom likes to make a nuisance of himself around the house. At such times his wife Laura wisely ushers him to the shed where he will happily spend hours building all sorts of useful (and not so useful) things.