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Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt (EdD, BSc)
Bachelor of Education Course Director

Andrew completed his initial Undergraduate degree in Science and Psychology at Monash University. From there, he temporality did two years primary teaching as precursor to becoming an educational psychologist, but discovered he loved teaching and went on to teach in a number of schools from Yr. 1 through to Yr. 12.

Being involved in many pioneering roles, Andrew became very interested in curriculum development. His 16 years of postgraduate work whilst teaching resulted in a Doctorate of Education in 2010 that has led him to a lot of study and reflection on the issues of curriculum and assessment.

In his third year of teaching, Andrew had the great fortune of coming under the teachings of two great Christian Philosophers who opened up the importance of foundational thinking and worldview when shaping a response to what it means to teach from a Christian perspective. This question has never left Andrew and he has continued to build his understanding of this over the years working with the National Institute for Christian Education.
Andrew describes working for Eastern a great privilege and opportunity to pass on many of the ideas he has been given and developed to beginning teachers.

Outside of the College, Andrew enjoys gardening, fishing, and spending time with his children and grandchildren.

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